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About Us

EasyLink was established with a desire to add great value to local companies both big and small. We have worked around the clock designing complete solutions to be able to assist any company along their journey to become a Brand to be reckoned with.

The Underlying Magic of EasyLink

Easylink Global embraces the individual connection side of LinkedIn users where the hands-on keyboard approach has proven to be the most effective way to build relationships. 

Easylink Creative identifies the uniqueness of the LinkedIn platform’s storytelling to satisfy the business and professional user element thereof.

In simple terms, your LinkedIn Feed has become so personalized that quality content can be more appreciated and much more revisited than most other online platforms. The sheer volume of LinkedIn users and daily activity globally ensure that SEO optimization is maximized.


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Satisfied Clients


Leads Engagement

Founder Of EasyLink

Petrus Sasser

Founding EasyLink has come from 16 years of active business experience. The coming together of IT, Construction and Lifestyle industries has cultivated a unique blend of business services where added value is the real solution. Relationships make for great business.

Turn the internet into a conversation.

Our Values

We have put strong core values in place to ensure that you will always get the best service.

1. Diligence

We always do our due diligence in all aspects of our company. From research to working hard on expanding your brand, to relationship building. You name it, we do it properly.

2. Transparency

We guarantee that you will always know what is going on behind the scenes in building your brand. We strive to communicate every step of the way so you always know where you are at and can keep track of your growth.

3. Consistency

We know that in everything, consistency is key. That is why consistency is one of our main values. We strive to remain consistent in all areas of the services we provide in order to add the most value possible to your company and brand.

Our Services

Social Media

Social Media Creation and Management (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter)


Corporate Identities and Stationery Branding packages (Email Signatures, Business Cards, Letterheads)

Company Profile

Modern & Sleek Company Profile Designs.

Website Design

We offer modern web design services at great rates.


Lead Generation. LinkedIn Page Creation and Management.

Graphic Design

Our graphic design team will make your brand look digitally appealing.


Experience Matters

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Profile Management Packages


R 5500
  • Up to 100 Targeted Conection Invites Per Day
  • First Point Of Contact Message To New Connections
  • Direct Messages and Connecting via WhatsApp


R 9000
  • Up to 100 Targeted Conection Invites Per Day
  • First Point Of Contact Message To New Connections
  • Direct Messages and Connecting via WhatsApp
  • Content Creation & Profile Optimisation


  • Company & Multiple Profile Solutions (3) < R18k/m
  • SEO Optimisation Website Solutions < R12.5k/m
  • Brand Presence On Multiple Social Platforms (4) < R10k/m
  • Original Content Creation < R25k/m

Graphic Design Services

From the start of designing up to the finished product, we have the solution that you need to build your brand and get your identity out there.

Website Design Services

Online presence makes a huge difference in business today. Your website is the go-to place for people to see whether you are an industry leader or just another follower. We can help make you stand out.

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